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Leveraging our tech communities provides valuable user insights, optimizes your product development, and fosters successful innovation launches.
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How it works

How it works
Grant early access to beta products and features for tech communities to gather valuable feedback and identify potential issues before launch.
Market Research
Use tech talent communities as a valuable resource for gathering insights about industry trends, customer preferences, and competitor analysis.
A company, potentially a startup or an established firm, is in the developmental stage of a product or feature and is keen on obtaining unbiased, constructive feedback to refine it before the official launch.
The Challenge
The company is looking to gather diverse perspectives to understand different user experiences and to identify areas of improvement to ensure the product meets the market demands effectively.
Diverse Feedback
Obtaining feedback from a diverse group of users to ensure a well-rounded understanding of the product's strengths and weaknesses.
Constructive Insights
Gathering constructive insights that go beyond mere opinions, focusing on actionable feedback that can genuinely enhance the product.
Structured Feedback Process
Setting up a structured process to gather feedback efficiently, ensuring that the feedback is organized and easy to analyze.
Community Engagement
Propel taps into its extensive tech community to assemble a diverse group of individuals to test the product and provide feedback.
Feedback Loops
Creating feedback loops that facilitate the collection of detailed and constructive feedback, focusing on various aspects of the product to provide a comprehensive view.
Analysis and Reporting
Working hand-in-hand with a Data Science community, Propel analyzed the feedback to extract actionable insights, helping the company fine-tune the product based on real user experiences and preferences.
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Tap into a vast network of tech communities to gain real-world insights on trends, customer needs, and how to stay ahead of the competition. 
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