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Fast-track your execution process, and create innovative solutions by collaborating with our diverse ecosystem of communities.
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How it works

Create innovative digital solutions through hackathons within specific communities.
Problem solving
Leverage the expertise of our online tech communities to solve challenging business issues and solutions to specific technical problems.
Capstone Projects
Create specific projects that can be tackled by one, or a combination of communities.
A new FinTech startup needed to develop a groundbreaking mobile app to disrupt the traditional money transfer market.
The Challenge
They lacked the diverse expertise and bandwidth to tackle such a complex project and they needed to hire an agile team to achieve this feat in the shortest possible time.
Access diverse tech talent
Leverage the expertise of a wider pool of individuals beyond their immediate network.
Development costs reduction
Identify a promising concept without extensive internal resource allocation.
Community Engagement
The client collaborates with us by leveraging our ecosystem of communities of developers and designers to host a virtual hackathon.
Formation of Potential Talent Pool
Propel provides the client with a talent pool that can utilised based on the client’s need thereby forming an ad hoc team for the client.
Other business goals you can drive with propel:
Product Feedback & Beta Testing
Leverage our tech communities to provide valuable user insights, adequate your product development, and successful innovation launches
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Market Research
Tap into a vast network of tech communities to gain real-world insights on trends, customer needs, and how to stay ahead of the competition. 
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