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Glean valuable insights on industry trends, customer preferences and competitor analysis by leveraging our ever diverse, ever expanding tech communities for research.
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How it works

Project Goals and Strategy
Leverage our ecosystem of tech communities to finesse your project goals and project strategy.
Data Collation and Analysis
Gain a competitive edge with vetted real time data from our diverse ecosystem. Let us guide you to success in the dynamic marketplace.
Get access to comprehensive reports and recommendations to guide your strategic decision-making process.
A company, potentially a startup or an established firm, is in the expansion stage of their product or feature and is keen on obtaining unbiased, constructive feedback to identify potential market opportunities as well as consumer preferences in other global markets.
The Challenge
The company is looking to gather insights on lucrative market opportunities and the varied consumer preferences as well as potential threats and competitors.
Market Analysis
Detailed market analysis of potential target regions by diverse groups of users in the target markets. 
Behavioural Analysis
Gathering of constructive and specific consumer insights that guides the product distribution as well marketing efforts.
Competitive Advantage
Gain enhanced competitive advantage from insights on key players in the market by a wide range of current consumers. 
Structured Feedback Process
Setting up a structured process to gather feedback efficiently, ensuring that the feedback is organised and easy to analyse.
Community Engagement
Propel leverages its vast tech community to recruit a diverse group of participants for targeted research projects. These participants are located in the specific regions you need to understand consumer behavior.
Feedback Loops
Creation of feedback systems to provide adequate and unbiased feedback.
Analysis and Reporting
Working with the product research and marketing communities, Propel provides actionable feedback that helps the client make an informed decision about their expansion.
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